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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 28, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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radar by going to we are following breaking news from southeast washington. a construction worker was shot and killed during a robbery. jonathan saul's joins us live with the latest. -- john gonzales. >> a group of latino men have been doing work on homes that are foreclosed in this neighborhood where just before 3:00 p.m. the men had just finished mowing the lawn at one of the property is when two men approached trying to rob the group. one of the robbers pulled out a gun and shot one of the workers, killing him on the scene. the suspects took off on foot. we spoke to a neighbor who heard the gunshot. >> i just think it's crazy for
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you to rob somebody who is working as hard as you chart -- as hard as you are trying to work. >> police are on the scene interviewing the other workers and collecting evidence. robberies against immigration construction workers are a growing problem, especially on fridays. at least two men on the loose. the victim has not been identified. let's get to that developing story from the gulf of mexico. president obama just got a firsthand look at the oil spill. scott thuman has the latest period of >> let's talk about that, killed. bp has not resumed pumping that back into the drainpipe. they halted this process for 16 hours overnight. now we believe they are on a
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holding pattern as they monitor the pressure. the president survey the damage and quickly ordered more help. for the president, and up close look. >> you can see these labels, -- these little balls. >> you are not alone. you will not be abandoned. you will not be left behind. >> as he tried to reassure the public key is in charge, he ordered a tripling of manpower where oil washed ashore. that tedious work continued. a remarkable view of the robotic arm assisting in the top kill effort. but trust is in short order here. crabbers say bp is standing on cash compensation.
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>> it is not enough. it is not what i lost. i lost way more than that. >> their tactics are also being questioned when it comes to information. its treatment facility for animals had been listing byrd casualty's on its web site. then bp told them to stop. >> that is a decision made by bp. >> bp says it is not hiding anything, but officials had to apologize for waiting so long that it stopped the top kill measure. it may still be another couple of days before we know if this latest move is working. scientists say this has been spilling between 500,000
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and 1 million gallons a day. bp says it spent $930 million so far. a family is not reached after a restaurant where a man was murdered refused to put up a reward poster. suzanne kennedy joins us with what the victim's family is saying. >> the family is grieving but it is also very angry that the owner of this carry out will not help police find the person the committed this crime. >> he was shot to death right here. >> it was two weeks ago that this man's brother was gunned down at this take out. >> i miss him so much. christ's police put up these reward posters in the neighborhood, -- >> police put up the is a reward posters. the management took them down.
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>> its their obligation to want to help us in solving this crime which happened in their establishment. >> our teddy bear is gone so i will put another one up. me and my sisters will keep coming back. >> this man wants answers. >> can anyone tell me why you removed the poster? >> they cannot say why the posters were removed. next door the owner has a reward poster prominently displayed. >> we have to do our part. we should be involved and try to help out. >> he does not understand why the owner does not feel the same way, but he is not giving up. >> god has his way. he will find the killer.
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>> that poster offers a $25,000 reward in the murder of keith. there were 10-12 people inside the carry out wendy homicide took place. they are -- when the homicide took place. d.c. police are searching for the suspect who exposed himself to several girls. four adolescent girls say the man approached them. he was spotted on 17th street in northeast. police say -- police in manassas are looking for a teenager who assaulted a woman. she was able to fight him off and was not hurt. the daughter of martin o'malley is recovering after she was found unconscious. police say the 18-year-old
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attending a graduation ceremony before she became ill. she was taken to the hospital and released. the first lady called the incident a teachable moment. a gas station was suspiciously busy. that led to a big police bust today. jennifer donelan has what officers found in this gas station. >> this was a popular gas station. police say the illegal gambling inside was expensive. how did they keep it up in plain view? it will shut down today. >> [inaudible] >> police saying the illegal gambling machines were in plain sight so all could see at a gas station.
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>> you thought it was legal? >> i was not quite sure. >> residents say the place was packed. >> those who always pay at the pomp said it did not know what was going on. -- pay at the pump. this man says he was playing the lottery legally. >> [inaudible] >> brentwood has not had a police department since 1972. >> i am hurt because this is crippling our community. >> he just heard it and we are cracking down. >> prince george's county -- after months of undercover work, it was busted.
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>> i said [inaudible] >> officials have spoken with the owners at the gas station. he allegedly said you can take the machines but please don't shut down my business. if it is shut down for the time being. -- it is shut down. reporting live from brentwood. >> tonight is the start of the long memorial day weekend. many people taking advantage of the holiday and heading out of town. cars are starting to head to their holiday destination. greta kreuz has a look at traffic along interstate 95. >> this is southbound i-95. the hov lanes or almost empty. the regular lanes are starting
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to clock up. i just spoke with a guy who said it took him an hour to get from the mixing bowl this far south. it is all volume and no major accidents. and rest stops are open. they were making sandwiches in the backseat of their car while the sun -- they are headed to north carolina. >> we have hit a couple of pockets but nothing too much. it is getting bad. >> as the day wore on, the 95 trafficked got slower and slower. they headed to williamsburg and finally pulled off after five hours. >> it is really boring. >> at least these restrooms have
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all reopened. >> we would have been in trouble without being able to pull over. >> most arrived just to get away. the williams are off to a family reunion. >> tomorrow is my birthday. >> vdot has halted road construction, but it will be slow going. the kennedy family is off to eight each. >> it's relaxing and its great. cannot do any housework. >> i should tell you hov will be in effect until 2:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. police are out in force. seven people died last memorial day on virginia highways and they want to cut that number down to zero. we want to know about your plans for the holiday. go to and vote in our
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poll. most voters are saying they are not traveling. some sad entertainment news, after gary coleman -- actor gary coleman has died. he passed away at a hospital. he suffered health problems all his life, from the kidney disease that stunted his growth. we will take a look back at his life. >> coming up, a local man accused of writing for the president. the e-mail that got him thrown in jail. >> a father talks about what it is like to be falsely accused of killing his daughter. >> shocking
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you might want to check out the nutritional content of drinks. seven is on your side with risks of the 20 most unhealthy beverages in america. most of us note so those are not the healthiest option, but the worst so that is a son kist
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orange soda. -- sunkist orange sodsa. >> i would have never guessed it. >> looking for an energy boost? how about this rock star energy drink? it has the same sugar boost from eating 6 donuts. >> that could scratch it off my list. >> this tropicana drink looks healthy, but they might like getting a 60 grams of sugar better come up by downing two cans of reddi whip. >> beers are sure to be a big hit, but take a step back from the sierra nevada. you could drink the same grams of carbs with 12 michelob ultras.
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the worst drink in america is the peanut butter and chocolate milkshake from cold stone creamery. you can eat almost this entire package of cookies and consume the same amount. >> that is terrible. -- an employee at cold stone creamery told us everyone was ordering that milkshake today. check out all 20 drinks you should avoid. go to our web site at a father falsely accused of murdering his daughter has been vindicated. police say they have the right man in the murder of riley fox. the father confessed to sexually assaulting and drowning her. he had been arrested for that crime and confessed to the murder on the video tape, but
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said it was coerced. >> they broke me down mentally, physically, emotionally. >> months later he was freed when dna evidence proved his innocence. he and his family sued detectives. the family is hoping the rest will end their nightmare. the mother of a teenager who disappeared wants to help the families of other missing people. natalee holloway disappeared five years ago and her mother has created a natalee holloway resource center. it will be based in washington. summer season officially kicks off. this weekend some kid's got a jump-start on summer fun in d.c. as the swimming pools will open tomorrow.
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they will be open on the weekends but when school lets out they will be open every day. >> it is a little chilly to be swimming out there today. >> air temperatures, and you will want to jump in the pool sunday and monday. let's get you started. the kickoff to the summer season is here. and some classic signs of summers. those are thunderstorms. we have been tracking most of the activity west of the metro area. storms in developing in calvert county and this stretches over to the eastern shore. now back to the bigger picture. heavy storms are located to the west of the area. they will continue from westchester -- winchester. it could hit the fredericksburg area. that is where we are finding new warnings and heavy downpours.
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we will keep an eye on that in the evening. let's check a couple weather stations that don't have storms. that is rehoboth beach. we will have our complete beach forecast coming up. it is chilly down there with the sun. 73 degrees in upper marlboro. 73 degrees in alexandria. let's show you the watch. we have a flash flood watch and severe thunderstorm watch west of the blue ridge. the torrential downpours are still living. that will continue in that area. some of these may move closer to fredericksburg, but it will be few and far between.
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temperatures will slowly drop. plenty of warm air, but showers keeping it below average. it is warmer down south and farther west, plenty warm there with lots of 80's and 90's. even denver at 90 degrees. this will come back on us for the latter part of the big weekend, a specially sunday and monday. it will feel like the middle of summer. kind of slowly pushing this out for it severe thunderstorm watch as -- pushiness out. slow transition for improving conditions tomorrow with lingering showers tomorrow. i think skies will britain. -- will brighten.
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it will be much warmer on sunday and monday. close to 90 witte thunderstorms in the forecast in the morning. -- with thunderstorms in the forecasts. things settled down nicely for the bulk of next week. >> coming up, an e-mail threat in one fairfax county neighborhood. >> it's another reason to love your mother. >> a special message the vice president
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many local graduates are still trying to find jobs. >> but not the graduates of the naval academy. there are now officially naval war marine corps officers. after four years of intense training, the day came for these new officers. >> you have not chosen an easy task, but you have chosen an honorable one. >> one by one their names are called, the is 1028 graduates say they are ready for anything and everything the navy or marine corps has in store. >> and the navy is always doing
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great things. that is what attracted me to the military. >> and we are all in this together. i think it is a great idea to serve something bigger than yourself. >> this may be graduate is carrying on the family tradition and the starting a new tradition as the first female in her family to join the navy. >> he will face great challenges, from the moment you step off this stage two wars, the threat of weapons of mass destruction in the hands of terrorists. >> joe biden spoke to the officers, praising them for serving their country. >> i am ready to be out there to be a marine. [inaudible] >> in annapolis, courtney robinson, abc 7 news.
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in lumber. in rubber. in bellies. and precious metals. it's time to put everything you have into your 10k. your 5k. and even your 1k. and, of course, you can never go wrong with futures. kaiser permanente. thrive. captioned by the national captioning institute a fairfax county man is
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under arrest and accused tet -- accused of threatening to blow the brains out of president obama. fairfax lawyer is charged with threatening to kill the president. many suspect there were previous threats. the next door neighbor found him appealing to monitor the home of the assassin. >> parents were shocked to discover the neighbor who lives in this house is in prison, accused of threatening to kill president obama. >> it is not the kind of neighborhood where you expect to beat someone giving threats to the president. >> this is a great neighborhood. these are families with young children, lots of senior citizens. >> the government charges adam
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albrett sending an e-mail threatening to blow the brains out of president obama. rahm emanuel was threatened also. >> he just lives down the street. does that trouble you? >> definitely, it is disturbing. >> neighbors say he is a patent attorney who grew up here. his sister is a dentist and brother was a doctor who grew up here. neighbors say he and his family were all friendly. his mother often exchanged cookies at the holidays. now he waits in prison for his next court appearance on jean want -- june one.
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>> as civil rights group wants the justice department to investigate whether a tough stance on immigration is resulting in harassment. the police chief says the county has now seen an increase in complaints, but activists say latinos are questioned for no reason. metro will be getting new trains. the board of directors approved a contract for 428 train cars. the price tag is $886 million. they are scheduled to go into service by 2015. some d.c. streets are closed ahead of bowling thunder this weekend. 22nd street is shut down until sunday evening.
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more streets will be closed. this recognizes u.s. prisoners of war. some spilled wine has caused traffic delays. a truck carrying wine is the latest vehicle to crash into a low bridge. we have a closer look at the problem. >> this is green valley rd.. it is a busy cut through. people who live nearby are fed up with trucks getting stuck under this bridge. a tractor-trailer carrying white wine that stock beneath this overpass yesterday. before they saw it, these men knew what happened. >> it has become a more common occurrence. >> guys at a nearby automotive shop say trucks had been
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crossing into this bridge at an alarming rate this year. they blamed this cosco distribution center. >> the first week it opened up three trucks hit it. i have seen it take the roof on them. >> charles smith says it happens constantly. truckers' rely on their computers rather than signs. >> i have seen it but my gps told me to go left. >> many thanks drivers trying to steer clear of the truck scale are not paying attention to the signs. >> maybe if it had some other. kate that they could hit that sent lights off. >> but it occurred to them to verify this.
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>> is actually 8 inches higher than the sign reads. police say there have been six collisions this year, but others say that number is conservative as they have seen truckers' hit the bridge and take off without waiting for police so as to avoid a $500 fine. >> coming up, the magic of a mother's words. scientists say it can cause a biological changes in children. >> we will have a look back at the life of gary coleman. >> a journey is ending in d.c. whi would get up in the morning and i would feel this lower ache in my back. i found my sleep number and i don't have the pain in the morning anymore. this memorial day, thousands of people will lose their back pain
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because they'll find a revolution in sleep called the sleep number bed. in clinical studies it relieved back pain in 9 out of 10 people. at the sleep number memorial day sale, save $800 on our special edition sleep number bed, while supplies last. queen mattresses start at just $699. only through june 6th, only at a select comfort sleep number store. call or click for the store near you.
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-- get a get a track check of the traffic situation. >> this is interstate 95 southbound. things are actually starting to let up. it is better than has been most of the afternoon.
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heading towards the bay bridge there is no delay on route 50. let's take a look at the beltway in college park, which is looking pretty good. over by the legion bridge we will find traffic is clearing out very quickly as we have a brief delays traveling each way between tysons and sprawl over spring -- tysons and silver spring. heavy traffic trying to get through gaithersburg. >> have a good holiday. a sitcom legend is being remembered. >> gary coleman passed away after suffering a brain hemorrhage. we have a look at his career. >> the former child star died this afternoon after life- support was removed at this hospital. he became unconscious after suffering a brain hemorrhage. >> he is pushing my buttons. >> he has had serious medical
5:40 pm
problems all his life, including a seizure on one tv show. >> we have someone having a she sure -- having a seizure. >> it was on the tv show "diff'rent strokes" that he gained instant fame. he played the wisecracking arnold jackson. >> [unintelligible] >> it earned him up to $100,000 an episode, but he was not so lovable as an adult. in 1989 he sued his parents and manager for mishandling his funds. he was broke just 11 years later. at one point having to work as a security guard. he has had a series of brushes with a law, including an arrest for domestic violence. >> he had incidents where the police were involved where he
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was having some anchor issues. >> being a celebrity does not last forever, but in television there are few more tragic stories than that of gary coleman. >> up next seven is on your side with a warning for parents. why you will want to keep your kids away from tanning beds. >> [inaudible] >> the magical things it's moreg
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their abc's. studies showhat good social and behavioral skills in young children lead to goodcademic performance in the first grade and beyond. nurturing hethy social and emotional devepmtn children sets them up for a lifetime of success. children's mental health matters -- -- becauset's more than just knowg thr abc's. wa to find out morabout how to help yourhiren learn, cialize, a grow? go to to learn more about helping your lile ones succeed in school.
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feeling stressed out? it might be time to call your mother. >> research suggests a mother's voice is a powerful medicine. >> scientists say a mother's voice can cause a biological change and reduce stress. >> cinderella need to a brand new -- >> these twins appeared to be soothed by their mothers every word. >> i can do it myself.
5:45 pm
>> a recent study and young girls were asked to give a talk in front of judges. this cost their levels of corazon to increase. after -- cost their levels of cortisone to increase. that is no surprise, but what stood out is researchers found the same biological changes in another group of girls, those who talk to their mothers on the phone. >> it was sufficient to make it happen. >> she is a developmental psychologist at children's center. >> to have this scientific basis gives people more confidence it does have an affect. >> this woman says her girls call her at work if they have a
5:46 pm
problem and she still calls her mother when she is troubled. >> it makes you feel better. >> you want to try to call me or children down in stressful situations, so you adopt a tone of calm. >> she says she feels the same relief when she hears her daughter's voice. but they would prefer a big hug. researchers say the mother daughter pairs have been nurturing relationships. the doctor suggests further research might reveal this between mothers and their sons. a warning for tanning beds. new research shows a stronger link between tanning beds and higher melanoma rates. it can raise the risk of
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developing melanoma by 34%. with 100 sessions the risk jobs by 200%. those who started tanning at younger ages have higher risks. there is new risks for overweight girls. losing weight by adulthood can cut that risk. mr. serge ask thousands of women to recall their body shapes as children -- researchers asked thousands of women. the reversing weight gain is critical to lowering risk of diabetes. health officials are investigating cases of possible mercury exposure a link to a homemade cream. health officials say children and adults showed higher level of mercury. symptoms of poisoning include irritability and memory loss.
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>> people got a special surprise in school. michael wilson returned home from duty. the first thing he did was make an unexpected visit to school. the first stop was his daughter's classroom and then his son. but we have to cope with it. i think about when he will be home. >> they have to grow up faster. it will be a short visit. he leaves for germany for a week. >> its nice they were able to have that time. >> she. two husbands, so a shi'a black widow -- she buried two husbands. >> he he is having trouble. it sounds like there's something in his throat.
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>> they will have to see how this story unravels tonight on "20/20." >> let's see what is coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> gordon peterson joins us. >> we have new details on who the white house called on to persuade joe sestak not to run again. did the administration do anything improper? president obama visits louisiana to see the damage firsthand. his pledge to the working people of the gulf coast and when we will know if the top kill is working. summitt wet roads as people had out for holliday plans. >> heavier thunderstorms shows some signs of diminishing.
5:50 pm
the heavier storms south and west of culpeper. the showers are developing more as they cross over the chesapeake bay on to the eastern shore. there is a crooked line of storms migrating from western pennsylvania. it seems like the hottest spot down in richmond. things will taper down. let's talk about the watch in effect in the blue ridge. here is your weekend outlook for most of the viewing area. a little bit of sunshine. we cannot rule out a passing thunderstorms. 874 sunday. it will feel like the fourth of july at night. it will become partly cloudy after eight warm start.
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water only in the warm 60's. there could be isolated thunderstorms to the south. the water will still remain chilly. 75 at del mar the beaches -- delmarva beaches. this will include thunderstorms on tuesday and wednesday through friday look fine. have a great holiday weekend. >> what is going on? >> is he leaving already? everybody is still talking about the lakers' game last night. it ended before midnight. and let's go back to los angeles. keep an eye on kobe bryant. he is out of nowhere and the shot. a great pass and he beats the
5:52 pm
buzzer. the lakers win and they take a 3-2 lead. game 6 tomorrow night in phoenix. >> it is always fun to have wins like this. we will leave it here and go up there and try to win. >> they will run the 94th edition of the indianapolis 500 on sunday. danica patrick will become the most popular driver. she is not happy with her crew or the car. she was booed in her qualifying run. while there is not time to fix all problems, she is still confident. >> it will get better for the race. i have faith in my team to have good pit stops. there is still hope, but it was
5:53 pm
overshadowed by a difficult run last weekend. >> having covered this race i know there is a lot of luck and skill involved. you have proven that. what kind of mine said do you have going into this race? >> -- what kind of mindset? >> the first thing is you need to make a passive first lap. then we will all settle into line. i will probably have to take a couple of chances early on. that will be a good way to get started. we will be pulling for you. >> the race starts at 1:00 right here on abc 7. >> coming up, are you ready for some long lines at the u.s. capitol? >> y security will be extra capitol? >> y security will be extra tight at the memorial day
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having at to the memorial day concert is a tradition for many families. >> this year security is tighter. >> this is what we are hearing. there are no known threats for this weekend on the national mall, including monday. the new precautions we will tell you about are just to be careful. this is where you will have to walk through to get near the capital. metal detectors are in place and so are barricades. >> we saw a ton of their -- ton of security. >> thousands of dissent on the capital memorial day weekend. police -- thousands descend on capitol.
5:58 pm
>> you have to go through several other checks. get ready to show what you have packed away with your bags and even closed containers. >> i mention its necessary for protection. >> there are no known -- i imagining is necessary. >> the concert -- the concert starts at 8:00 p.m. >> that is all for abc 7 news at 5:00 p.m. president obama is making his second trip to the region. windmill the new it tends to stop the oil spill work? -- when will the new attempts
5:59 pm
work? captioned by the national captioning institute storms are moving in. >> doug hill is in the weather center. >> we will check out the current location of storms on the radar. the heaviest downpours continue to the west of the metro area. the heavier storms are drifting to the south east. the heaviest stuff near charlottesville. there are a few showers near the shore of the chesapeake bay. locally, not much tonight, but to the southwest heavier showers will continue. a larger area of showers to the west. more far


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